Nurse Pleads Guilty in Medicaid Scams Case

A nurse in has pleaded guilty to unlawful reimbursements associated with a more comprehensive Medicaid scams case in the state.

Christine Hicks Thomas, 62, of Murfreesboro, confronts 5 years in jail along with $25,000 in fines and 3 years of monitored release, according to the United States Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of North Carolina. As part of her plea arrangement, she has concurred “to surrender her nursing license, to give up any interest she has in business that bills the federal government for healthcare services, and to be completely omitted from Medicare and Medicaid programs.”.

According to an August court filing, U.S. Attorney John Stuart Bruce charges that in between Sept. 9-17, 2015, Hicks got a $500 cashier’s check in exchange “for purchasing and suggesting [outpatient behavioral health services] for which payment might be made in entire or in part under Medicaid, a federal health program.”.

Thomas never ever assessed the clients for whether services were needed, according to the United States Attorney’s Office.

” The orders that Thomas signed are needed by Medicaid’s handled care companies as a requirement before a Medicaid service provider can bill the federal government for outpatient behavioral health services,” the problem states. “Once permission orders are signed, suppliers can legally bill the federal government for numerous countless dollars in outpatient behavioral health services, offered such services are really rendered.”.

The case versus Thomas is straight associated to a bigger Medicaid scams examination, detectives say, that included 3 others who have currently been sentenced: Terry Lamont Speller; Donnie Lee Phillips II; and Reginald Saunders. An associated case is pending versus Shephard Lee Spruill II.

Josh Howard of Gammon, Howard & Zeszotarski, who is representing Thomas, decreased to talk about his customer’s plea arrangement.

Miami County Lady Pleads Innocent to Medicaid Scams

A Bradford lady implicated of taking more than $10,000 through Medicaid scams pleaded innocent to 2 felony indictments Tuesday, Sept. 19, in Miami County Common Pleas Court.

NORTHERN BUREAU: Sidney business person implicated of not paying people in Piqua.

Joyce Valentine, 57, deals with charges of reporting medicaid fraud eligibility scams and falsification/theft for supposedly intentionally providing incorrect info to acquire advantages amounting to $10,068 in between Nov. 28 and March 1.

She was launched on her own recognizance. A pretrial hearing is arranged for Oct. 2.

Medicaid Scams Amnesty Program in Wake of Lakewood Arrests Begins Tuesday

A 90-day state pilot program that enables Ocean County locals who either intentionally or unintentionally got baseless Medicaid advantages a possibility to withdraw from the program and prevent prosecution begins on Tuesday.

The program, introduced by the Office of the State Comptroller, is available in the wake of 26 arrests in Lakewood on scams charges.

In all, those citizens who were primarily detained in a series of FBI raids in late June wrongfully gathered more than $2 million in public-assistance advantages, authorities stated.

The homeowners who take part in State Comptroller Philip Degnan’s program called the “Ocean County Recipient Voluntary Disclosure Program,” will need to pay complete restitution to Medicaid and extra charges, and need to willingly withdraw from Medicaid for a 1-year duration.

” This is not an amnesty program. This is not a ‘Get of out prison free’ card,” Degnan informed The Star-Ledger recently. “This is an opportunity for people to come into compliance without worry of prosecution.”.

A declaration from Degnan revealing the program states his workplace is “an assessment with the Ocean County Prosecutor’s Office.”.

On Monday, the district attorney’s workplace launched its own declaration ensuring Ocean County locals it would continue to prosecute any Medicaid scams case brought to them.

” Regarding the Amnesty program that the NJ State Comptroller’s Office started: The amnesty program originated from them. We have no authority to mandate or keep track of how a state firm works,” the declaration stated.

The district attorney’s workplace, reacting to criticism that they’re refraining from doing enough to prosecute public-assistance scams cases, stated they do not have access to the comptroller’s files.

” They manage the program’s application and execution procedure. It resembles another victim of monetary criminal activity or scams; we will unknown they are a victim of criminal activity unless they inform us. If a victim steps forward, we examine and prosecute on their behalf,” the district attorney’s workplace stated.

The comptroller’s workplace will hold a public meeting Tuesday night at the Pine Belt Arena in Toms River at 6:30 p.m. for locals who wish to find out more about the Ocean County Recipient Voluntary Disclosure Program. No recording gadgets, consisting of electronic cameras, will be allowed at the meeting.